What is the Right Mobile Device for Your Business?

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Posted Jun 16, 2017 6:30:00 AM by Steve Smith & filed under mobile device

The BYOD trend has swept the enterprise off its feet at such a grand scale that organizations cannot but succumb to its influence. If your business is just starting to adapt to this change, or you are seeking to improve your processes by providing your workforce new mobile equipment, then you might be in a dilemma about which mobile devices to choose. Narrow down your choices by looking at the following considerations in choosing a device.     


  1. Function and durability. What will the device be used for? Will it need data capture capabilities? The device you choose must be able to scan and capture documents, images and other information and even process payments if needed. What conditions will it be subjected to? Make sure that the device you choose is tough enough to withstand conditions in the environment like extreme temperatures and exposure to dirt dust and water especially if it is used for field work.

  2.  Tools and applications. Another consideration should be app compatibility. Before purchasing or renting devices, check which required apps could be installed in the device. There are some businesses that require specific applications that are not available to all platforms.

  3.  Ease of use. If you are going to be introducing mobility to the workplace for the first time, then your staff might need some training on device use and capabilities. As such, it is important to choose devises that would fit the demographics of your workforce. You might need to choose a simple, straightforward device if you are working with Baby Boomers, more sophisticated devices if your workforce is composed mostly of millennials, or a combination of both if a majority of your workers are from Generation X.

  4.  Power requirements. Will you be using the device in single-shifts? Is it required to be on for extended periods? Will your employees have access to charging stations, or do they have to bring portable charges or replacement batteries? Answers to the questions must also figure in your choice of a mobile device.

  5.  Security. One of the biggest arguments against the use of mobile devices and wireless networks is data security, especially for cloud-based solutions. Will you be able to do a remote wipe in case the device gets lost or stolen? This factor should also be considered in your choice of a wireless network that will provide secure data transfers and strong encryption controls.

  6. Support. The rise of many new sophisticated devices with enhanced capabilities has resulted to many different platforms and configuration. As such, businesses must have an efficient mobile device management system that addresses this issue.

Are you going to employ the trusted and sturdy enterprise-grade devices or the new, sleek and sophisticated consumer devices for your business? That is your call. What is important is that the devices can help your workforce fulfill their tasks to ensure smooth and continuous operations. If you find that you need to employ both types, worry not.


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