What is a Multi-Channel Access Gateway?

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Posted Jul 6, 2009 10:27:29 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

A multi-channel access gateway (MAG) provides the critical middleware to let back office applications treat wired and wireless worlds as one through a single gateway. A MAG is a necessary bridge to convergence in order to connect backend systems, different mobile devices, different operating systems and hundreds of different networks each with different attributes. MAG is a form of middleware that facilitates network agnostic (LAN, WAN, WWAN, etc.) connectivity between multiple, unintegrated and sometimes dissimilar back office systems and, on the client end of the pipe, a whole range of devices (notebooks, PDAs, phones, etc). The medium could be text, audio, images, or video – whatever is context appropriate to the client-side device and the middleware conceals whatever back-end fusion is necessary to facilitate anytime, anywhere, any device access to corporate information.


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