What is a Micro Kiosk?

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Posted Jan 4, 2010 7:45:55 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mk40001Micro Kiosks help retailers meet consumer demands for higher service levels by providing instant access to information. These powerful devices provide the ultimate in self-service, with on-demand applications that increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity. Micro Kiosks enable a variety of self-service solutions, including:

  • Loyalty and gift card applications- check loyalty card points or gift card balances, print coupons and more.
  • In-store pickup- provides customers with rapid in-store pickup of merchandise ordered online.
  • Value-added information- customers can access “how-to” videos, see related available items and product comparisons.
  • Real-time product information- customers can check price and inventory of items

Motorola’s newest Micro Kiosk the MK4000 offers all of these applications and can be easily customized to best meet the needs of your customers.


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