Wavelink Speakeasy Reduces Picking Errors and Improves Productivity

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Posted Apr 25, 2011, 8:51:38 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

wearable-application-small1In a past post we provided information about Wavelink’s Avalanche Mobility Center and today I’d like to take a look at Wavelink Speakeasy. Wavelink is a leading provider of multi-vendor mobile device management, wireless infrastructure management, Voice, and mobile application development software and their popular Terminal Emulation software is used worldwide.

If you’re already using Wavelink Terminal Emulation, Speakeasy enables you to quickly and easily add Voice to your existing mobile applications. Industry reports show that companies who implement a Voice solution stand to gain up to 20% productivity improvements, a 99.9% accuracy rate and reduce training times and associated costs. Speakeasy is ideal for intense picking in warehouse environments and improves the productivity of workers by enabling them to work with a hands and eyes-free Voice solution. Download the case study to learn more about how Wavelink’s Speakeasy Voice solution streamlines the picking process in warehouses.

DecisionPoint and Wavelink have developed a close working relationship which allows DecisionPoint customers to get the most out of their wireless ecosystem. So whether you are looking to add a device management solution to reduce maintenance and management costs, or looking to add additional effectiveness and efficiency via emulation and/or voice, DecisionPoint can help you find the right Wavelink solution.


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