Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Technology

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Posted Aug 29, 2011, 1:12:52 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

It’s time for part 3 of our closer look at RFID frequencies. Last week I provided information about High Frequency (HF) Passive RFID and today I’m providing additional information about Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Passive RFID. 860-960 MHZ UHF RFID (passive) has the following characteristics:

  • Read range: from approximately 1 inch to 10-20 ft.
  • Reads multiple tags simultaneously
  • Provides a fast data transfer rate
  • Moderate memory: minimum 96 bits for EPC data and 512 bits to kilobytes for user data
  • Supports the EPC standard
  • Provides a worldwide frequency

Typical UHF RFID applications include:

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