Tracking Returnable Transport Items with RFID

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Posted Nov 24, 2010, 12:03:02 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

pallets1Returnable Transport Items or RTIs are durable packaging/containers that are used to transport goods from distribution centers and warehouses and are returned and reused. Many large retailers and the U.S. Department of Defense actually mandate the use of RTIs. There are many types, but common RTIs include:

  • Wooden or plastic pallets
  • Bread racks
  • Plastic dairy crates
  • Dollies

According to RFID monthly, most RTIs range in price from $200-$5,000, so it’s essential to make sure these valuable assets are tracked and returned. RFID technology meets the challenge of tracking these assets and reduces the risk of shrink.

Affixing RFID tags to each RTI enables the real-time tracking of each asset when it leaves your facility to when it is returned. The RFID tag carries the data about the type of unit and size, as well as the date it was sent out and other important information to monitor the return. Information on the tags can be automatically read via fixed RFID readers, vehicle mounted RFID readers or handheld readers to capture the data quickly and accurately.5 Rules for Enterprise Mobile Application

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