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3 Items Required for Maintaining Your Mobile System’s ROI

Posted by Greg Henry on Jun 23, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Well-thought-out mobile systems are designed to address a set of specific business issues and generate an initial return on investment, or ROI.  However, maintaining that ROI over the life of a project is not always a priority when the system is being developed.  Most ROI models include taking the initial design, development and deployment costs into consideration, but few take into account the continued operational costs a few years out. These costs include hardware maintenance, hardware replacement costs, application support, application enhancement, ongoing user training and support costs.  Spending time during the beginning of a project to develop a post-deployment support plan will not only help ensure that your mobile system will be effective for years to come, but it will also allow you to predict the lifetime ROI of the solution. There are three key areas that every mobile support plan must include.

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