Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Field Service Technology Solution

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Posted Mar 30, 2017 5:00:00 AM by Ryan Foust & filed under field based workforce solutions, field service

If your business is a service-oriented one, then you know how important your technicians are. They represent the face of your organization as they interact with customers and deliver the service your company is known for. Therefore, they are a very important part of the organization and it is right for you to invest in them.

The happier your field service team is, the more engaged they become at work and the better service they give to the customer. Just imagine how happy your customers will be if you have a field service team that delivers unparalleled service on every call. Technology can be the catalyst that takes your field service team to the next level.

Engaging Your Service Team

Hiring personnel who are good at what they do is a difficult task, as there are many organizations such as yours that recruit and hire them. So aside from hiring new workers to increase your service levels, you must invest in your current team to ensure their engagement. But what steps do you take to guarantee engagement? How exactly do you keep your service team happy?

The most logical answer would be to provide proper compensation and benefits. However, according to the Gallup research on employee engagement, the most engaged workers are those who know and fully understand what is expected of them at work, those who are equipped with the tools and skills to complete their tasks, and those who are given the opportunity to do what they do best, every single day.

Investing in Field Service Solutions 

There is a significant increase in the number of service organizations that have adopted field service mobility solutions that do not only streamline service processes but –more importantly – also gives field workers the capability to perform their work more effectively.

Through an effective field service solution, you too, can empower your field force to perform at their best – and therefore be more engaged at work. More specifically, field service technology solutions provide workers:

  1. Access to your organization’s knowledge database. With a mobile service technology solution in place, your technicians can easily access the intelligence they need to quickly resolve the issues they face. Additionally, your technicians can document information on how they resolve specific issues, ensuring expert knowledge for future workers.

  2. Access to work-order history. When technicians know the service history, they can confidently show up at the job site and start working right away. They know exactly what to do and which people to talk to, which makes them more efficient at completing their task.

  3. The right tools needed for the job.  Through a mobile field service system, workers can view warranty and contract details so they can confidently bill the customer and even upsell parts or products that the customer needs. They do not have to waste time trying to figure out the details and they can go right into performing the job. This makes them appear more reliable and more prepared to help the customer, which in turn will increase the customer’s trust in your business.

What to consider in a field service solution

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