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Posted Aug 13, 2009, 10:08:32 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

warehouse011Tier 2 WMS products include the features of an IMS and Tier 3 WMS. Tier 2 products also provide cross-dock planning, automatic wave planning, system-directed replenishment, and stock location management. Tier 2 WMS software with outbound order management, system-directed put-away, labor planning, load management, and compliance reporting is also available. In some cases, Tier 2 warehousing software can be integrated with existing supply chain applications.

A Tier 2 warehouse management systems represent the highest level of non-customized software. These systems offer a full spectrum of features, but may not integrate fully with other business systems. An enterprise-level warehouse management system will have the features of an Inventory Management System (IMS) and a Tier 3 system, plus the following functionality:


Tier 2 WMS Features:

  • Auto Wave Planning
  • Suggested Shipping Cartons
  • System-Directed Replenishment
  • Opportunity Cross Dock
  • Wave Planning Support
  • Stock Location Management
  • Outbound Order Management
  • System-Directed Putaway
  • RF Task Interleaving
  • Load Creation Advice
  • Labor Planning
  • Load Management
  • Inbound Order Planning
  • Order Wave Planning
  • Compliance Forms

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