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Posted Jun 24, 2014, 10:33:04 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

The “last mile” is a phrase used in a many industries to describe the final segment between a company and its customers. In the public utility sector it is the segment of cable or pipe that connects each individual customer to the main trunk. In the transportation sector it describes the final distance between the last distribution center and the customers’ delivery point. The “last mile” is arguably the single most important segment of any distribution system for two reasons. First, it represents the only direct link between a company and its customers and second, without the “last mile” all preceding infrastructure, systems and processes have lessor value.


Mobile computing applications are the “last mile” of today’s enterprise systems by connecting mobile workers (customers) at anytime and anywhere. Mobile computers connect the parcel delivery driver to the enterprise system in his/her truck or at the customer destination, they connect repair technicians in the field and retail managers on the selling floor. Mobile computers (smart phones) even connect consumers to their favorite brands.


DecisionPoint is in the business of connecting remote people with enterprise information so that they can make better and faster decisions. We deliver the “last mile” of the information highway and thus we increase the value of the preceding enterprise systems and infrastructure.

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