The Effect of Mobile Printers on Field Mobility

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Posted Sep 23, 2009 9:43:51 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

rw42011The success of field mobility depends on several factors, including an employee’s ability to meet a customer’s needs quickly, accurately and confidently. Wireless mobile printers are a vital component to achieving this success in field mobility.

Because wireless mobile printers save employees time when preparing invoices, they can cut several minutes off of each delivery, which allows employees to service more customers in a given day. This is exactly what happened to one gas delivery company when they saved three to four minutes on each delivery by using mobile printers rather than manually preparing invoices.

This wireless, mobile technology also gives route sales professionals access to important customer information, which means that they can not only quickly settle discrepancies, but also encourage additional purchases and suggest complementary items to fully meet the customers’ needs. Wireless networking can also deliver drivers’ work schedules and routes without them having to wait in a line to speak with a dispatcher, allowing them to begin their routes earlier than competitors who do not use wireless mobile technology.

Mobile printers also have a physically comfortable element that helps field service employees when they’re on the job. Carrying around heavy equipment can tire out employees, leading to minimized efforts and increased risk of error. By contrast, mobile printers are lightweight, allowing employees to stay alert and focus on the sale as well as the customer’s unique needs, maintaining the level of swift service and trustworthy expertise that helps your company stand out.


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