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Posted May 21, 2013, 10:45:06 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

I began my corporate career as a Systems Engineer for MSI Data which many years and a couple acquisitions later became a division of Motorola. My first day was spent meeting with various co-workers to get a lay of the land. That day was also the day I received my first piece of corporate technology a “pager”. As the role of a Systems Engineer was to meet with customers, I was often “in the field”. With the pager firmly attached to my belt, I was now available or at least reachable to everyone in the organization. As I soon learned, being available had its drawbacks and while I knew when I was needed, I was not always able to promptly respond due to the limited (one way) communication that this device provided and the lack of public phones in various parts of the country. Over the years the pager evolved. First supporting two-way messaging then came along the cell phone and text messaging, more recently my device not only began to support voice and data (text) but I also had a real-time connection to the corporate email server. Each new advancement allowed me to be contacted by more methods as well as respond in real-time. The latest iteration of my corporate technology provides the ability to access the world wide web. Now, not only can I communicate with co-workers and customers in real-time but I have access to an unlimited source of information such as receiving driving directions, downloading company information or making travel reservations. Although I have a technical background, I am not one to invest in technology just because it is new or cool. If it does not make my life easier and allow me to get more done in less time, I generally pass right by. The point is that mobile computers empower me to be more productive and build better relationships with colleges and customers alike. If mobile computers can do this for me they certainly can do the same for you and your mobile workers. If you are interested in empowering your mobile workers, DecisionPoint can help.5 Rules for Enterprise Mobile Application

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