TCO Considerations for Field Service

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Posted Jan 26, 2011 9:07:11 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mc75a_2-small1I recently listened to an interesting podcast from Field Technologies Online and Motorola, which discussed 5 unique TCO considerations for field service. These 5 considerations included:

  1. Drive workforce productivity-close work orders faster with mobile technology
  2. Provide faster service-ensure that service calls are completed in a timely matter and problems are resolved quickly with real-time information
  3. Control service costs-know exactly where your technicians are and optimize routes, while also ensuring that technicians have the correct inventory at all times
  4. Visibility into your workforce-gain real-time visibility into scheduled service calls and completed work and make sure everything is running on schedule
  5. Drive revenues-properly equipped technicians can add to revenues by providing additional services once on-site

Mobile solutions help field technicians get to service calls on time, provide them with the information they need to complete the service call and enable them to offer additional services to boost revenues. DecisionPoint can provide a full solution that targets your specific pain points and is designed to get the results you want.

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