Streamline the Payment Process with Mobile Printers

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Posted Sep 18, 2009, 9:45:47 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

rw4202In order for field mobility to be truly effective, mobile printers must be brought in to help streamline the payment process. Mobile printers do so by cutting down on the lengthy and unnecessary wait times often associated with payment processing in favor of a simpler, automated payment process that translates into a much more condensed cash-to-cash cycle time.

When it comes to preparing an invoice, writing everything in by hand is a time-consuming that can be wrought with costly errors. Wireless mobile technology reduces that time so that employees spend as little at 2 percent of their time on the task – not to mention the computerized process greatly reduces the possibility of human error.

Once the invoice is prepared, tradition dictates that it is physically taken to an accounts receivable department for processing, but wireless mobile printing eliminates the hours/days this could take by allowing employees to submit invoices electronically instead. What’s more, mobile printing also allows employees to process a customer’s credit card payment instantly on the device itself, equipped with a magnetic strip to read the credit card.

Streamlining this payment process allows employees to spend more time focused on servicing customers and their needs, rather than the lengthy, tedious payment process. Thus mobile printers shorten the payment process to yield a benefit that is three-fold:

  1. Enhances convenience for customers and improves their satisfaction
  2. Reduces the possibility of costly human error and opportunities for double-billing
  3. Improves companies’ cash flow and overall profitability.


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