Shaping Retail's Future: Using Targeting Offers to Drive Customer Loyalty [WEBINAR]

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Posted May 11, 2017 10:54:28 AM by Steve Smith & filed under increase retail sales

Next Wednesday, May 17, at 3 pm ET / 12 noon PT the first session of our new webinar series, Shaping Retail's Future, will take place. Titled "Better Connect with Your Customers: Using targeted offers to driver customer loyalty," Eric Baez, our VP of Software Development and Systems will be joined by Courtney McNamara, Director, Channel Development of Cozumo. Together they'll take you through an in-depth discussion, featuring two successful retail use cases.

Extreme personalization is the key to unlocking shoppers' wallets, and their loyalty. When you learn how to anticipate their needs and desires – and when, where, and how to offer your solutions to them – the door opens for greater profits.

Please join Eric and Courtney for a lively and informative discussion. See you there! 

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