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Posted Aug 13, 2010, 9:25:59 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

motorola-mc75a1As you’ve probably noticed in several past posts, we love to display the ruggedness of mobile devices that can withstand use in extreme environments and put up with daily use and accidental abuse (or abuse caused just for a video). Rugged devices are designed for field workers and provide a longer life span than commercial grade devices, which is money well spent in the long run. Today I’m going to provide an overview of what a mobile device must withstand to be labeled rugged. A variety of standardized tests have been developed to test the ruggedness of devices, including:

Drop Rating-is a measure of a devices ability to withstand repeated falls from a specified height to concrete. Standard testing states that a drop height of 4-5 ft. to concrete is considered rugged, but as you’ve seen in past videos, numerous Motorola devices exceed this height.

IP Rating-the Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating) is the standard used to identify how well the device can withstand dust, dirt, liquids and other solid particles. IP ratings are an important consideration for devices that will be used outdoors. Learn more about 2-digit IP Ratings and view a comparison chart in our Feb. 22nd post.

Operating Temperature-rugged devices are designed to withstand temperatures that aren’t considered “normal” and can work in a variety of temperature ranges that even include temperatures below freezing. This too is an important consideration for devices that will be used in the field.

Download the Motorola white paper, “What Does It Mean To Be Rugged?” for additional information about the stringent testing involved. Be sure to visit us again next week when we compare rugged and consumer devices.

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