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Posted Aug 5, 2010 9:58:42 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

productivity1Mobile workforces require rugged devices that can put up with all day use no matter where the job takes them. But what are your options if your workers require a large display? The typical laptop isn’t built to withstand harsh environments and isn’t easy to transport when you’re constantly on-the-move. In our March 1st post we provided more information about REDFLY Mobile Companion, a way to provide your mobile field workers with a larger display while on-the-go —without having to rely on a device that isn’t built for extreme environments. Other options include rugged tablet PCs and rugged convertible notebooks.

Rugged tablet PCs boast large displays, sealed all-weather designs and are easy to carry. Some of these only weigh 3 lbs. yet feature displays as large as 10.4”. Convertible notebooks are also fully rugged and can quickly be converted from a notebook to a tablet PC for field work. With protection against water, dirt and dust, rugged tablets can withstand environmental factors that would severely damage a commercial grade PC.

These rugged devices are a great alternative if your field workers require a larger display and will ensure that they remain productive and on-the-go throughout the day.


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