Reducing the Cost of a Lost or Stolen Mobile Device

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Posted Dec 9, 2010 11:22:36 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

device-manage-pg-11The loss or theft of a mobile device isn’t only the loss of hardware; you must also consider security issues. A proactive approach to lost or stolen mobile devices is the best rule of thumb. It is important to ensure that device data is encrypted and password authentication is in place beforehand, but if a device is lost it’s also important to have remote capabilities to lock the device down. With a mobile device management solution in place you have the ability to reduce the negative effects of a lost or stolen device. MobileCare™ Device Management solutions from DecisionPoint enable you to remotely disable lost or stolen devices and reduce the associated costs and the impact on your company. Download the MobileCare Device Management datasheet to learn more about the features of this support offering designed to not only keep your devices up-to-date and running at their peak, but secure.


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