Personal mobile devices – Embrace or Ignore?

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Posted Mar 18, 2013 11:00:28 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

With the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets, IT organizations are being faced with a new set of challenges. These challenges include: support issues, security issues and procurement issues. In the early adoption phase of this technology many IT organizations simply turned a blind eye to these devices and made bold statements on the level of support that would be offered, if any. However, those days are over. Due to the increasing numbers of mobile users in the enterprise, the productivity gains that mobile connectivity enables and cost savings that BYOD provides IT must embrace this technology. A survey by Harris Interactive (2012) found that 81% of employees use some kind of personally owned device to conduct business. The challenge now is how? Resent history has taught us that you either provide your mobile users with the access and applications that they need in a controlled and manageable way or they will get what they need by other methods. For this reason, progressive IT organizations are partnering with operations in order to understand mobile user requirements and developing systems and policies to meet these requirements while supporting the organizations existing security, support and procurement systems. If you are new to mobile or are looking for assistance on the identification of best practices please give us a call.

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