Overcome Financial Management Challenges in the Field with Mobile Technology

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Posted Apr 11, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Steve Smith & filed under financial management challenges, mobile technology challenges

Take a good hard look at your business. How do you see it five years from now? Would you have more employees or customers by then? Would you be offering more products and services? To answer these questions, you need to look at how your organization is performing in the market. Are your revenues on target? Do you have enough profit and cash flow to last you even when sales slump?

Financial management challenges are an important and critical aspect in the running of a business, and must be given proper attention. To achieve your business goals, you need to employ solutions that will help you effectively manage your finances. But you need not go far; you can use mobile technology to address financial management issues you may have with the following tips:

Delivering consistent results while increasing business value.

It may seem a challenge to work this out, but a mobile technology solution can greatly help streamline processes that would allow field workers to maintain consistent service. For a technician to deliver good service, he needs all the details about the job he is going to do for his customer. When a service call come in, the technician is required to know contract specifics, equipment details, necessary tools and service history. Without a mobile solution in place, the technician has to sort through paperwork, make calls and manually search for the information before he can get down to the act of addressing the customer's real issue. If you use mobile field services, then it would be a lot easier for your technician to access this information quickly so he could give the customer quality service. Mobile technology also allows technicians to access the company's knowledge database for quick troubleshooting and resolutions to customer issues. By using mobile technology, your technicians can give customers better value for their money, which would ensure their loyalty to your company.

Managing expenditures and how they impact your organization’s profitability.

While there are many factors that contribute to increased cost, you could still manage them well to ensure that they do not take a toll on your profit and revenue by employing mobile solutions that allow your technicians to do the following:

  • Increase first-time fix rates. Mobile technology helps technicians get the support they want and all the information they need at the tap of a finger, allowing them to be more efficient at their task.
  • Lessen fuel and labor costs. Mobile field service solutions increase individual productivity, so you would need fewer people to do more jobs. In the same way, GPS technologies allow for vehicle tracking and routing capabilities. Your technicians know that they are being tracked, so unauthorized trips could be prevented; shorter routes can be followed to lessen fuel costs.

  • Reporting efficiency. Technicians do not need to go the main office to manually file their reports; mobile technology gives them the capability to do this on the mobile devices issued to them in between service jobs.

  • Managing growth and revenue. When you use mobile technology solutions, you give your technicians the tools to perform at their best, which makes them more engaged at their job. The more engaged your employees are, the more they strive to be better. Motivate them even further by encouraging them to find more work in the field through follow-ups, preventive services, and potential service calls.

Mobile field services do not just help you drive productivity and profit; they also help you manage finances.

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