On-Demand Bar Code Wristband Printing

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Posted Oct 5, 2011 9:39:58 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

In our July 11th post I provided information about the benefits of bar coded wristbands for amusement parks and other entertainment venues. Printing admission wristbands on-demand reduces ticket fraud because wristbands are blank and don’t have any value until printed. Zebra Technologies offers two types of on-demand wristbands, the Z-Band Fun and the Z-Band Splash. The Z-Band Fun is designed for one-day use and is ideal for carnivals, amusement parks and fairs. The Z-Band Splash is designed for multi-day use and features a durable water-resistant adhesive, making it ideal for water parks, resorts and cruises.

Enhance the entertainment experience and transform the customer experience by increasing convenience. Check out the video below to see Z-Band wristbands printed on-demand with printers such as the Zebra LP 2824 Plus.

Let’s Get Mobile! Contact DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. for additional information about bar code wristband solutions.

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