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Posted Oct 22, 2009 9:34:24 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

j03854021-150x150The adage that “the older we get, the faster time passes” came to mind the other day as I entered a local mass merchandise store. It was October 2nd and right next to the Halloween section of candy and scary costumes was a large display of Christmas ornaments, ribbons and plastic trees. At that moment it occurred to me that getting older was not the issue, but rather society is pressing more and more into each day such that we are able to purchase items today for special events to be held months from now. Okay, I know that in this case “society” is really retailers. But for the sake of the article play along, as I am certain you have your own examples of how we embrace things that accelerate an outcome for unknown reasons.

Consider this:

  • Email was not fast enough so…
  • Along comes instant messages, which weren’t fast enough so…
  • Along comes text messages, which do not include enough folks so…
  • Along comes Twitter

The point is that even though technology has helped to both shrink the size of the world and make it spin “faster”, the truth is that it is our own human nature that wants to get done today what can be done tomorrow. This blog entry serves as a simple example. Even as I write it now, it is not even due to be published for two more weeks.

Cell phones, mobile computers and wireless networks are not a passing fad. They are here to stay and being enhanced every day. DecisionPoint Systems is loaded with folks who understand all of this as well as the tools and technologies to help you keep up as “time passes faster”.


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