Motorola Solutions 2010 Retail Holiday Study

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Posted Jan 20, 2011, 9:10:39 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

retail-mc75a-small1Motorola recently released their annual retail holiday study of 1500+ retailers and shoppers. This research reveals some interesting information about the attitudes towards using in-store technology to increase customer satisfaction. Some key findings include:

  • 43% of surveyed shoppers who received help from a retail associate armed with a handheld mobile computer reported that the device improved their shopping experience
  • 24% of surveyed shoppers said they would be very likely to take advantage of a sales associate using a handheld payment terminal to complete their purchase

The study also reported that nearly 28% of store visits ended with an average of $132 unspent due to abandoned purchases driven by deal-habituated behavior, out-of-stocks, limited store associate assistance and long check out processes. All of these issues can be combated with mobile technology and DecisionPoint offers a broad range of retail solutions designed to meet many of the challenges you may face. Click here to view the full Motorola Solutions annual holiday study.


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