Motorola MC9090-G Extended Range Scanning

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Posted Apr 29, 2010 1:28:14 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mc9090g-handheld-rfid-reader1Motorola recently announced the introduction of extended-range (ER) scanning technology to their line of MC9090-G handheld RFID readers. The MC9090-G RFID ER has all of the first-class features of the existing MC9090-G, but enables extended-range bar code scanning for increased flexibility. In addition to reading 2D bar codes, RFID tags and capturing images, you’ll have the ability to capture 1D bar codes as close as 4 inches to as far as 40 feet away. The MC9090-G RFID ER is so flexible it can be used across your entire enterprise to boost productivity. And the MC9090-G RFID ER has the same rugged design as the entire MC9090-G family, making it perfect for extreme environments like the warehouse and loading dock. You can check out this MC9090-G Crash Test Video from a previous post to see exactly what I mean.1


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