Motorola AirDefense Personal

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Posted Sep 2, 2009 9:55:26 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Motorola AirDefense Personal is an AirDefense add-on that integrates with AirDefense Enterprise and provides uninterrupted protection for mobile workers and their wireless assets when outside the protection of AirDefense sensors. AirDefense Personal monitors for malicious wireless activities and enforces wireless policy and threats including risky configuration, insecure communication, suspicious WLAN settings and risky WLAN connectivity.

AirDefense Personal enforces corporate polices for all types of wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, EVDO, 3G, GPRS and many more. Motorola AirDefense Personal protects the mobile workforce from the wireless-specific risks that could expose private data and confidential transactions. Mobile workers are protected from risks that directly target vulnerable wireless users. AirDefense Personal notifies the user when risky activity occurs or mitigate the risk entirely by proactively disabling the wireless connection.


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