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Posted Nov 10, 2009 8:21:59 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Smiling Businessman Wearing a Phone HeadsetIn our Sept. 24th post we introduced DecisionPoint’s MobileCare support services suite and had follow up posts on MobileCare™ Device Management, MobileCare™ Software Support and MobileCare™ Express Depot, today I’d like to introduce the fourth MobileCare™ offering- Technical Support.

MobileCare™ Technical Support is a comprehensive service that provides businesses with the support and answers they need to keep a mobile business running. The increasing complexity of mobile devices and software also increases the likelihood that something may go wrong. For businesses that depend on mobile computing, unresolved issues can be detrimental to service levels and costs. Technical Support from DecisionPoint is there when you don’t know the answer. A subscription to Technical Support provides one-on-one troubleshooting over the phone and enables you to place a request for assistance with any issue affecting:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Printing
  • Wireless Network Issues

You’ll gain access to highly trained professionals who will remotely walk you through problems, troubleshoot, diagnose and remedy the situation; without the hassle of sending devices in for repair and taking them out of service. For more information about MobileCare™ Technical support you can Download the Datasheet.


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