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Posted Jul 13, 2009 10:23:44 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mobilearc-logo31What is MobileArc?

MobileArc is an overarching progam designed by DecisionPoint Systems to automate your field-based workforce. MobileArc integrates the key components—including software, hardware, professional services, carrier, and support—to ensure successful deployment of your field mobility project. MobileArc’s ability to consistently deliver the benefits of enterprise mobile computing for our customers is derived from DecisionPoint 30 years of skill and industry experience.


Why is MobileArc a Different and Better Approach?

  • MobileArc has literally dozens of software choices available from off-the-shelf to custom. You get what works for you—not what works for your vendor.
  • Unlike other mobile solution providers who have only some of the services and support offerings required to ensure success and achieve the expected ROI, MobileArc offers a full range of services. It’s one thing to pilot a program, but it’s quite another to successfully deploy it.
  • MobileArc relies upon its own team of architects and professional services personnel assuring you of the experience, communications and control required to deliver the desired results.

MobileArc Means Field Mobility Automation Success

Whether it’s Field Services, Salesforce Automation (SFA), Proof Of Delivery (POD) or Direct Store Delivery (DSD), only MobileArc gives you all of what you need—from concept to design to pilot to rollout and support—to realize the business benefits of field workforce automation and the desired ROI.

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