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Posted Oct 15, 2010, 2:23:10 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

toolbox1Repair technicians have multiple tasks throughout the day and paper processes for work orders, parts orders, time sheets and mileage reports can quickly degrade productivity. With an automated systemfield technicians receive detailed work orders on mobile devices. Technicians are able to use their time more effectively by tracking their time worked, completed repairs and mileage—all while on-the-go. The transmission of detailed repair information right to a mobile device also minimizes the time that dispatchers spend answering questions about specific work orders. Eliminating paper processes also provides these additional benefits:

  • Immediate reporting-information about completed jobs is logged in real-time
  • Accelerated billing cycles-real-time reporting from the field enables the faster creation of invoices
  • Minimize delays-requests for additional parts can be sent immediately to the parts department

Detailed records can also improve business processes by allowing management to make more informed decisions about ways to better serve customers.


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