Mobile Solutions for the Vending Machine Service Industry

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Posted Apr 27, 2011 8:50:11 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

vending-machine1Up-to-date information about products that need to be re-stocked and machines that need to be serviced is vital to ensure that the vending machine service industry is selling the most products they can. Equipping field-workers with mobile devices provides real-time information to track the performance of machines and inventory. With a mobile solution you can optimize routes to better plan service activities and record services and stock use on-site.

In addition to mobile computers in the hands of field workers, a new trend is wireless, Web-based monitoring systems that remotely monitor vending machines and send inventory status in real-time to the back office or field workers. Increased visibility into the specific products being sold enables staff to load each truck with only what they need for their routes each day, reducing transportation costs and improving efficiency. Service requests from customers can also be sent to the closest field worker for faster response and service details are entered at the time of service rather than at the end of the day.


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