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Posted Apr 12, 2011, 9:07:54 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mc65_child-services-small1-143x300Efficient case worker visits are critical to ensure that the well-being of each child and family is addressed and supported in a timely manner. Case workers are responsible for multiple family visits each day and these involve numerous questionnaires and forms that must be submitted for each inspection. Automating case worker rounds reduces the amount of time spent filling in paper forms, reduces errors and increases the number of families visited each day.

Converting existing paper forms to electronic forms on mobile computers streamlines operations and provides case workers with more tools in the field:

  • Multiple electronic forms and worksheets for different types of visits
  • Access historical data including past visits and family information
  • Signature capture for proof of visit
  • Image capture with ability to add notes for evidence of child condition
  • GPS mapping to locate cases for the day and plan the most efficient route
  • Date and time stamps for new visits, images and signatures
  • Generate and send reports to the back office in real-time

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see a great demo video from DecisionPoint’s software partner Mobile Epiphany that shows how their mobile application Touch Inspect can improve the workflow and efficiency of case workers.


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