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Posted Jul 30, 2009 10:14:55 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

firewall21We introduced the topic of Data Safeguard Solutions in our July 28 post. In that post, we said we would explore the three-pronged security solutions in more depth. Mobile device Security was addressed in our July 29 post. Today we will address mobile security suites.

Security Suites provide protection for mobile devices from viruses, malware, data compromise, the effects of device theft, and unauthorized data access. Some products support the full range of mobile operating systems including Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Palm, RIM, and Linux.

Common features include:

  • Virus Protection - protects mobile devices against malware delivered via e-mail, SMS, MMS, direct download, Bluetooth or infrared transmission. Typically this includes real-time scan of any file received as well as on-demand scans of internal memory, memory card and full device.
  • Firewall - protects users from threats. Firewall solutions typically offer bi-directional, packet filtering options, protecting the mobile device from accessing harmful or questionable content and preventing malicious content from being transferred to the device. Firewalls monitors cellular, Wi-Fi and phone-to-PC traffic blocking and rule-based filtering.

In addition to the above core functionality, mobile security suites may also include:

  • Call and Message Filter - Blocks incoming SMS, MMS and/or voice calls from selected contacts and unknown users.
  • Mobile VPN


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