Mobile Printing Helps Reduce Expenses

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Posted Sep 14, 2009 9:49:40 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

expenses1Companies are always looking for ways to reduce their costs and make a difference in their bottom line. In line with these efforts, they are turning to wireless mobile printers to help cut expenses in various aspects of their businesses.

Printer maintenance expenses. Mobile printers are built to withstand dynamic and industrial environments, including harsh weather. This durability contrasts sharply with the fragility of impact printers that break much more easily. In addition, companies spend thousands of dollars each year maintaining their printers, printer cables, and cords. Since mobile printers are wireless, this cost is completely eliminated from the budget. One of our clients that made the switch to mobile printers discovered that it had been spending $60,000 on its annual cable-related repair and replacement costs, not including the productivity lost during the repair downtime.

Media expenses. Because Decision Point’s mobile printers don’t need to use the full 8.5-by-11 inch sheets of paper, companies experience dramatic savings when it comes to their media expenses. When one of Decision Point’s clients compared the costs of the full-sized sheets of paper with 4-by-6 inch thermal receipts, they saved $330 for every 1,000 invoices printed.

Retail expenses. Frequent price changes in retail take up time and effort that can be reduced by introducing mobile printers to the workforce. For example, if you manage 1,000 weekly price changes that require a 20-person, six-hour night shift to accommodate, you’re spending 120 hours on that business aspect alone. Instant printing, on the other hand, allows a much smaller group to handle the changes in just a few short hours. Additionally, swapping out price marking guns for mobile printers reduced one Decision Point client’s price marking expenses by $2,000 annually.


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