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Posted Sep 3, 2009, 9:54:22 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

zebra-logo1In business, it’s rare that one technology solution has equally incredible benefits across vastly different industries. Yet from field service to retail to law enforcement, wireless mobile printing from DecisionPoint Systems has proven to have universal benefits for employers across the country.

  • Field Service: Slash invoice preparation time, improve the cash cycle by accepting payment on delivery, prevent driver delays by wirelessly exchanging work assignments, and more.
  • Manufacturing: Label incoming materials for put-away and identify samples when they are drawn for inspection, testing, and quality control.
  • Retail: Conduct in-aisle shelf labeling and price auditing, eliminate price marking guns by printing price tags and labels, and implement mobile point-of-sale and returns processing.
  • Hospitals/Labs: Label samples as soon as they’re drawn to ensure accuracy and prevent costly mistakes.
  • Law Enforcement: Apply printed bar codes to evidence and issue parking tickets. This saved one police department $100,000/year in data processing.
  • Hospitality: Prevent lines by printing bag tags/claim checks, and turn tables quicker in restaurants with tableside order entry and bill payment.
  • Transportation: Create and issue tickets/boarding passes anywhere, offer passengers mobile check-in and issue receipts for in-flight shopping.
  • Postal: Issue delivery receipts, turn carriers into sales agents by selling postage printed on demand, label parcels at pick-up to avoid backlogs and more.
  • Utilities: Create service/inspection stickers, print service records and invoices for customers, and process payments and issue receipts.

No matter what industry in which you work, mobile printing can and will offer your company immense benefits aimed at streamlining your operations and saving you money.


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