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Posted Jul 24, 2009 10:17:26 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

msr1Companies providing Field Services or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) services readily benefit from mobile payment processing solutions. Benefits include accelerated payment processing and increased customer convenience and service.

Motorola offers two accessories compatible with both the Motorola MC70 and the MC75 (which was the subject of our July 21 post) for mobile payment processing:

Since both accessories are clip-on units, the clumsiness of a second, tethered device is eliminated. With its 1-line LCD display and keypad on one side and Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) on the flip side, the Mobile Payment Module is ideal for both credit and debit card payment processing while the MSR7000 Magnetic Strip Reader is designed for credit card payment processing only.

As mentioned in our July 3 post, Motorola will be introducing an MSR accessory for the MC55 with a target release date of Q4, 2009.

DecisionPoint can supply the Payment Card Industry PCI-compliant software necessary to make your mobile payment processing solution work.


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