Mobile Device Management Provides Big Cost Savings

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Posted Jun 24, 2010 10:43:02 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

device-manage-pg-11Integrated Solutions Magazine recently published an article that included some interesting statistics about the cost savings provided by Mobile Device Management Solutions. According to VDC Research, “using a Mobile Device Management Solution can save an organization more than $230 per device, per year, in support costs. For a 1,000-unit solution, that could potentially provide more than $1.1 million savings over five years.”

With a DecisionPoint MobileCare™ Mobile Device Management Solution you’ll minimize downtime and receive remote support for mobile devices in the field, enabling you to reduce your operational costs. MobileCare™ Device Management is designed to support and maintain the mobility of your business by taking the complexity out of managing mobile devices in the field.

Download the MobileCare™ Device Management Datasheet to learn more about the features, benefits and cost savings you can realize with real-time device troubleshooting from the experts at DecisionPoint.


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