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Posted Nov 17, 2009 8:17:08 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mc9090-dsd1Optimizing customer deliveries is critical for Direct Store Delivery (DSD) providers. Employing a proven enterprise solution for your mobile sales force will increase accuracy, productivity and customer satisfaction. MiTEzSales Mobile is MiT Systems’ flagship Sales Force Automation software designed for use by mobile sales representatives in the DSD Industry. MiT EzSales Mobile offers a suite of applications:

Pre-Order Sales- Pre-sales representatives use MiTEzSales Mobile to write up orders that will be delivered by a driver on a future day. Sales and inventory history is available to provide accurate up to date information, discounted items are flagged, promotions schedules are available, and close to code items can be highlighted giving the sales rep all the information they need for improved order writing.

Driver Sales- MiTEzSales Mobile provides an easy and accurate means for on-site order fulfillment. Historic sales and inventory data is displayed, promoted or discounted items are flagged and promotion schedules are available, providing all the information the driver/sales person needs to develop the right order.

Delivery / DEX- Delivery personnel are able to manage and perform all route functions from the mobile device. Specific deliveries are selected from the complete delivery schedule, truck inventory can be tracked and verified; all invoice transactions and adjustments are performed on the device; accounts receivable, collections, and payments are made; credit and debit memos can be issued (if authorized); signature capture and on-site portable printing allow delivery personnel to provide a complete transaction record for the customer.

MiTEzSales Mobile software can be loaded onto a Motorola MC35, MC70, or MC 9000 series handheld wireless device and used in combination with a Zebra RW 420, RW 220, or MZ 320 portable printer to provide a mobile solution designed for DSD.


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