Leveraging Mobile Technology to Engage Customers

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Posted Apr 10, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Foust & filed under customer experience, retail customer engagement

One of the biggest threats businesses of today face is competition. Gone are the days when the only two things a business had to do to see profits coming in were to offer a high-quality product or efficient service and advertise it in the paper or the television. Because there are now many businesses that offer products and services of the highest quality, customers now have the power to make or break a business. Therefore, the goal of every business now should be full customer engagement.

What is an engaged customer? According to Gallup, a fully engaged customer is “emotionally attached and extremely loyal.” Once you have fully engaged a customer in your business, you have them for life. Imagine how high the profits a business with many engaged customers can be.

Customer engagement can take many forms, one of which is mobile technology. However, not a lot of organizations are able to make wise use of this technology, as there are still quite a number of businesses that have not adopted it, some not even close to considering it at all.

Many experts say and market trends show that mobility is the future of business. In order to have an edge in the industry, businesses should take advantage of the many ways mobile technology can be used to bring in customers. If your business is yet to jump in on the mobile bandwagon, here are some suggestions on how you can use the technology to engage customers:

1. Use mobile-friendly content

Nowadays, fewer people are using laptops and desktops in accessing the Internet. Your website, ads, and emails must have mobile versions in order to reach a bigger audience.

2. Engage customers on a social level

Make sure you have a strong online presence that does not only allow you to market your offerings but also serves as a way to connect and listen to your customers' needs. Make use of social media, online surveys, and mobile apps in order to reach your mobile gadget-wielding customers on a larger scale.

3. Provide Internet access

Attract technology-savvy consumers and turn them into loyal customers by providing in-store Internet connection. An in-store Wi-Fi connection is sure to attract more customers than those who do not offer connectivity.

4. Use location-based services

These services allow you to track in-store customers with Bluetooth-enabled devices. When you know where your customers are and what they are checking out in your store, you will be able to give them recommendations and suggestions. LBS also helps you to entice visitors by sending personalized greetings, offers and discounts on their mobile devices, enhancing their experience.

Gain a better following and build a bigger customer base by leveraging mobile technology. Improve your staying power in the industry by employing wireless solutions that would not only give you a competitive edge but also bring in more engaged customers, and bigger profits.

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