In-Store Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspots Enhance the Shopping Experience

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Posted May 2, 2011, 8:47:42 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mobile-loyalty_5-small11-199x300I recently read a special report released by Integrated Solutions for Retailers that featured an article about in-store Wi-Fi and how it is increasing engagement with consumers. In the article they discuss how many retailers are wary of offering Wi-Fi because this allows access to price comparisons or product ratings that can lead to lost sales. But the many benefits that in-store Wi-Fi and mobile hotspots offer retailers are quickly changing this belief.

Customers are looking for convenience and with Wi-Fi they can instantly access information about products on their smartphone and make a purchase at the store they’re in rather than going elsewhere. The article also highlights the benefits of the “endless aisle” that enables shoppers to make purchases online while in the store. If a shopper is looking for a certain size or color of an item that is currently out at the store, they can make the purchase on the retailer’s website.

DecisionPoint offers secure mobile hotspot solutions that empower customers and enhance the shopping experience by providing access to product information, ads, coupons and more. And DecisionPoint has the expertise to provide a safe and secure solution that doesn’t jeopardize security, limits access to specific sites and provides retail branding.


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