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Posted Nov 30, 2017 7:00:00 AM by Stan Jaworski & filed under fleet management

One of the important requirements to running a business is having an efficient fleet. Contrary to what people outside the industry believe, having an effective fleet is more than just employing drivers and training them well to take care of the vehicles they handle. In order to optimize your fleet performance, you should be able to make smart decisions about how you use your fleet resources.  

Many companies utilize GPS tracking solutions for their fleets. However, GPS tracking solutions are limited to giving your drivers directions on how to get to places to deliver goods. On the other hand, an effective fleet management system serves as an intelligent business solution that gives the following benefits:

1. Greater employee accountability

A fleet management system will encourage your employees to be as efficient in their tasks as possible. Your fleet will be empowered to work smarter, as opposed to working harder. This results in the following:
  • Reduction of prolonged stop times and unauthorized side trips
  • Increased productivity
  • Maximized scheduling and dispatch times
  • Efficient reporting and timekeeping records
  • Reduced overtime fees

2. Fleet security and safety

An efficient fleet management system ensures that both vehicles and drivers are kept safe and secure. It allows you to track your fleet’s location and their progress to make sure goods are delivered on time. A good system also allows you to quickly respond to emergencies, recover stolen vehicles and even helps you with claiming auto insurance.

3. Automated processes

A good fleet management solution enables you to streamline the way you manage your data and the way your drivers submit their reports. There will be a significant reduction in paperwork, as processes can all be done online. Automation also allows you to access information about engine diagnostics, maintenance services performed on the vehicle and even driver behaviors like beating the red light or speeding at the tap of a finger.

4. Reduced fuel costs

Fuel cost is one of the biggest expensesin a fleet system. Putting a good fleet system to use means being able to cut down on miles through fleet tracking. It also enables your dispatchers to drive smarter by following intelligent dispatching routes as suggested by the system. If there are routes under construction or congested streets, drivers can take alternate routes to save time, fuel and money.

5. Higher customer satisfaction rates

An efficient fleet naturally results in a happy customer base. Through fleet management technology, your fleet staff can dispatch goods and respond to customer quicker than ever. 

6. Optimized vehicle use

Your vehicles are valuable assets. To make the most out of them you need to optimize their use. With fleet management technology, you can easily take note of usage data such as average use, when and where the vehicles were used, hours used and miles were driven and other information to help you make decisions on how to best utilize your fleet operations. 
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