Heading to ProMat 2019? Here’s a Great Way to Get More from Your Visit.

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Posted Apr 5, 2019, 9:39:29 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under field service mobility, new hardware, manufacturing solutions, Solution Provider, retail customer engagement, Warehouse Management Solutions, Promat

ProMat 2019 is around the corner, and there will be over 1,000 solution providers and over 100 seminars sharing the latest strategies and technologies for optimizing manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain systems.

That’s a lot of exhibitors and educational opportunities, but one way to keep things simple and make the most your visit is to take some time to meet with the technology experts from DecisionPoint.

We’ll be visiting with many exhibitors and attendees to share our latest insights and solutions for solving the toughest manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory problems. And you can arrange a meeting with us to do the same.

As specialists in enterprise mobility and software solutions, we’ll be sharing some of the best ways to achieve product traceability, automate warehouse inventory for better accuracy and efficiency, and optimize field service and fleet management with mobile connectivity.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the topics, strategies, and solutions we’ll be ready to discuss:

Manufacturing Solutions

The key to continuing to remain competitive in manufacturing will be creating a factory of the future. That means having a future-ready supply chain and being able to combine software, data capture, and mobile computing technologies to optimize, automate, and error-proof every aspect of your operations.

Many manufacturers are already facing an urgent need to deploy systems for product and material traceability, especially as many customers and regulatory requirements now demand this capability. The good news is that flexible, affordable, and effective solutions already exist in this area.

The same technologies can also be used to deliver real-time supply chain insights for lean, agile manufacturing, and for everything from process tracking and electronic documentation to quality assurance identification and quarantining.

Our team will be helping ProMat exhibitors and attendees explore these possibilities and talk about the best options and approaches for their needs.

Warehouse Management

Automation, optimization, and error-proofing are also critical in the warehouse, where there’s unprecedented demand for increased productivity, efficiency, and fulfillment accuracy at a time when there’s a historic labor shortage.

This is another area where software, data capture, and mobile solutions provide some ideal ways to meet demand without breaking your budget or having to hire an army of new workers.

Specifically, hands-free and voice-directed picking and staging solutions are a great way to streamline warehouse processes, error-proof product and shipment validation, and make warehouse jobs more attractive by dramatically reducing the amount of walking and physical exertion required.

Advancements in RFID, camera, and sensor technologies are also enabling smart cross-docking, load planning, and shipping, while new barcoding, RFID, and mobile computing solutions are helping automate inbound material tracking, sorting, put-away, and replenishment.

A great place to visit to see some of these solutions is at ProMat booth #S441, where our partner, Zebra Technologies, will be sharing their latest technologies, including their SmartPack Trailer solution for more efficient loading operations.

Field Operations

At ProMat 2019, we’ll also be discussing some of the latest strategies and solutions for connecting field workers and delivery drivers to supply chain and business systems.

We’ll be visiting and meeting with attendees to share our best practices and recommendations for implementing and managing direct delivery, route accounting, and proof of pickup and delivery with mobile technologies and software.

It’s becoming easier and more affordable than ever to automate and optimize field operations with mobile connectivity, data capture, and computing.

Want to learn more and meet with us at ProMat 2019? 

Contact us now or call 949-465-0065 to arrange a visit with our team.

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