Grapevine Push-to-Talk Certified on Panasonic® Toughbook U1

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Posted Nov 16, 2011 11:25:24 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Panasonic-Grapevine1-300x249On Monday it was announced that Grapevine Push-to-Talk,DecisionPoint’s cloud-based Push-to-Talk software, is now certified on the Panasonic Toughbook U1 ultra mobile rugged PC. The Panasonic Toughbook U1 is a cross between a tablet form factor and a handheld form factor and is ideal for mobile workforces that require a device that can withstand all-day use in demanding environments.

The Grapevine Push-to-Talk certification on the Panasonic Toughbook U1 adds to the already extensive list of certified devices approved for use with this solution and fulfills the needs of customers requiring instant communications from a tablet that was previously unavailable.

For additional information about this certification you can read the entire press release here or download a copy.

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