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Posted Nov 24, 2009 8:09:53 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

agilis-screen-shot-rsized1-300x179In our Nov. 6th post we went over the features of Agilis Systems’ SmartLOCATE GPS tracking software. Now let’s take a quick look at exactly what a GPS tracking solution can do for you:

  • Reduced Expenses: Complete more deliveries, service calls or visits per day
  • Monitor driver performance confirming stop sequence, route taken and stop duration
  • Eliminate / reduce unauthorized vehicle use
  • Automate time entry / eliminate manual errors and data entry expense
  • Timely vehicle maintenance
  • Monitor speeding
  • Automatic and accurate mileage capture
  • Generate Stop Reports of more deliveries, service calls or visits completed by each driver
  • Improved communications between office and field workers with included messaging

… all for less than 7 cents per hour per field worker.


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