GPS Technology is More Than Just Turn-by-Turn Directions

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Posted Mar 31, 2011 9:20:36 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mc70-with-gps-resized1Most people are familiar with consumer GPS navigation systems and the turn-by turn directions that they provide, but GPS technology has much more to offer than just basic navigation. Businesses can improve driver productivity with applications like turn-by-turn directions, but equipping workers with mobile computers that feature integrated GPS technology offers many more options to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Mobile workforces collect numerous types of data in the field with their mobile devices and integrated GPS enables additional information about the location, date and time to be captured when they scan a bar code, capture a signature or capture an image. This provides the additional information needed to track deliveries and services and helps improve operations and increase customer satisfaction. Additional popular GPS applications include:

  • Breadcrumbing-collect historical location data to improve fleet performance, increase safety and reduce fuel costs.
  • Geofencing-when a GPS-enable device enters and/or exits a specific area a notification is generated. Alert customers of arrival, capture duration time of stops and reduce unauthorized vehicle usage.


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