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Posted Jun 27, 2012 11:18:47 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under


IT professionals that have the challenge of installing, configuring and maintaining applications and setting preferences for wireless hand held devices often end up spending countless hours making sure all devices work properly and are consistent across the board. This can be a daunting and time consuming task if the numbers of devices are in the hundreds or possibly even thousands. Having to prepare devices for production traditionally involves many steps and is prone to error. In addition, this process has to be repeated when the device comes back from repair.

DecisionPoint has many years of experience configuring wireless hand held devices and has learned about the unique idiosyncrasies of any particular model and how to accommodate and deal with them. One of the things that DecisionPoint offers is the ability to develop a “Gold Image” for a wireless hand held device that can be easily loaded on volumes of devices, often simultaneously in what is usually one step. This is done using a Storage Card or can also be done wirelessly over the air. What the customer ends up with after loading the Gold Image is a customized, fully functional device that can be put into production with no additional configuration.

Features of the “Gold Image” can include:

  • Standardizing on an Operating System Version that has been tested with the customer’s applications
  • Customization of all the preferences such as:
    • Splash screens
    • Desktop Themes
    • Desktop shortcuts
    • Backlight brightness
    • Backlight timeouts
    • Power timeouts
    • Keyboard mappings
    • Volume settings
    • Scanner settings
    • Scan wedge configurations
    • Custom registry settings
  • Preconfigured Network Profiles or “Scan to Config” Barcode sheets for WiFi connectivity
  • Preconfigured Mobile Device Management clients such as:
    • Airwatch
    • Motorola MSP
    • Wavelink Avalanche
  • Preconfigured Applications that are Cold/Clean boot survivable such as:
    • Browser clients
    • Customer developed applications
    • Telnet clients
  • Customized “locked down” desktops that include only icons that the customer decides to be allowed. Icons that will launch utilities such as calibration routines, Date and Time setting, Mail, Contacts, Telnet Clients, Device Management Clients, Productivity tools as well as customer developed applications. These “locked down” desktops allow the users to use the device fully and safely without jeopardizing the configuration of devices by disallowing access to the operating system and or control panels of the device. Any and all functionality is specified by the customer.

“Gold Images” greatly simplify the staging of wireless hand held devices and provide a consistent platform for support and troubleshooting. The “Gold Image”, in addition to Mobile Device Management, assures that all devices within the Enterprise function exactly the same way.

Should one of the applications need to be updated the customer has the ability to update the devices over the air using the Mobile Device Management platform of choice. A best practice is to have the “Gold Image” contain just the base configuration so that the device can connect to the customer’s wireless network and Mobile Device Management client. The applications will then be hosted on the Mobile Device Management platform and sent to the client on the device after initial contact is made with the server. The device will then continue to check in with the management server on a regular basis to see if there are any updated targeted for it. This allows the customer the flexibility to maintain, change, add or remove applications and or make configuration changes without having to update the Gold Image.

I hope I have been able to illustrate the tremendous flexibility and time saving features of having DecisionPoint develop a “Gold Image” for your company’s wireless hand held devices. With a “Gold Image” never again will you have to wonder if the device you are trying to support has the proper Operating System, configuration and application updates.

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