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Posted May 25, 2012 11:25:43 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Does your company use outdated technologies that seem like more trouble than they are worth? That’s because they probably are. Another company found itself in the same spot recently, when it seemed like their DSD (direct store delivery) system, specifically its printers were not on par with what they needed to make quick and efficient deliveries. They were having troubles with their old dot matrix matrix printers, Okidata 390s to be exact.

This company was having trouble getting replacement parts, so they called us here at DecisionPoint Systems to see if we could support their existing equipment. It turns out, supporting these old devices had been more costly and complex than they had anticipated. The devices were always breaking, which means that they were constantly being shipped back and forth to and from service centers. Not only that, but they were having all sorts of problems with their printers. What a nightmare! It just seemed like the problems were piling up!

Luckily, Dale Hetherington was there to help. He evaluated the situation and decided that it was time to transition to the more efficient thermal printers. He explained that moving away from the old, outdated printers would actually help because these old printers were unnecessarily increasing:

  • Service costs – excessive shipping and service costs due to lack of support for those products and the fact that they were breaking down so often
  • Material costs – dot matrix printers require ribbons to be replaced regularly on expensive three ply paper
  • Labor costs- printers had to be kept on the trucks, so personnel had to go back and forth from the store to their truck
  • Financial costs- system performance was compromised by printer performance


Hetherington had some ideas of his own to fix this situation. He suggested that the company use the Datamax-O’Neil microFlash 4te printer to alleviate all these concerns. He highlighted its benefits one by one including:

  • Being able to withstand punishing protable applications
  • Ideal for DSD services
  • Clearly and easily prints receipts, labels, invoices
  • Enhanced processing speeds
  • High memory capacity
  • USB connectivity power status lights
  • External charging
  • Optional Bluetooth wireless connectivity

Once Hetherington’s suggestions were implemented, drivers were able to hold their fully functional printers on their hips, which made their work easier and more efficient. They were even able to make more store calls each day!

Stats to wrap your head around:

  • Within 9 months, the printers paid for themselves
  • In the first 3 years, the Datamax-O’Neil printers paid for themselves 6 times over!

Take a look at your company’s day to day activities. There is probably something that can be a huge improvement. If you can pick it out, great, but most companies don’t even know WHAT they need, they only know that there is some problem. DecisionPoint is always here to help! This company likes to call itself the “Fresh-Baked Idea Company” because they not only have “fresh” ideas of their own, but they recognize when others have fresh ideas that they can benefit from. What about you? Does your company currently have Fresh-Baked Ideas?

For more information about this case study feel free to read it online here. Read the rest of this entry »

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