Fleet Management Data Improves Operations

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Posted Nov 29, 2010 12:00:31 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

fleet-vans1Fleet management solutions provide valuable information about your fleet and drivers that can be used to improve operations. Real-time information about vehicle usage, driver behavior and fuel consumption help you determine where your highest costs are and what areas of your operation can be improved to deliver more benefit to your customers. With mobile solutions such as GPS tracking, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and wireless mobile devices you can begin measuring performance in real-time. Automatic alerts provide you with the hard data you need to begin making improvements. Common alerts include:

  • Excessive engine idle-are your vehicles running for too long, but not headed anywhere? Educate your drivers on the costs of excessive engine idle to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Mileage reports-help you determine if you need to improve routing so you can complete more jobs per day and reduce fuel usage. Also provides insight into after-hours vehicle usage.
  • Driver alerts-increase the safety of your drivers and reduce insurance costs with alerts that indicate speeding, seatbelt use and more.


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