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Posted Jul 1, 2011 2:10:45 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Mobile-Invoicing1-300x243Creating invoices at the time of service speeds up the payment process and provides immediate customer acknowledgement while in the field. With amobile field service solution, mobile workforces can easily create invoices on a mobile computer, share with the back-office and send to customers via email or print on-the-spot. Digital invoicing reduces paperwork, storage costs and also increases accuracy.

Inaccurate invoicing leads to lost revenue and many businesses that provide services generate invoices at a later point in time. Completing paperwork at the end of the day can increase the likelihood of mistakes, but mobile invoicing virtually eliminates these errors and enables businesses to experience faster collection times and improved cash flow. When combined with a mobile payment solution, field workers can accept payment, capture signatures, print or send receipts and mark invoices as paid—all at the time of service.


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