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Posted Sep 23, 2010, 2:37:12 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

mk4000_ordpickup-resized1-252x300Transforming the shopping experience is a great way to maintain customer loyalty. Mobile solutions provide the convenience and personalized shopping experience your customers are looking for. With the correct technology in place, the opportunities to increase customer satisfaction are almost limitless. There are a variety of mobile applications designed to enhance the shopping experience and we’ve discussed some of these in the past, but today I’d like to look at some specific examples of solutions that transform the shopping experience.

  • In-store ordering via Micro Kiosks-provide your customers with the convenience of ordering items from side departments (such as the deli) at the beginning of their shopping trip. This eliminates the need for customers to wait in line to place their order and then wait again for the order to be completed. Everything is taken care of while the customer is shopping and can be picked up when they’re ready to checkout.
  • Dressing room assistance-provide your customers with a mobile application that ensures immediate response from an employee to help them locate the correct item in the correct size.
  • Online order pickup via Micro Kiosks-provide your customers with a quick and easy way to complete online orders. A store associate is immediately notified once the bar code is scanned and the order is delivered to the customer at the checkout. This enables a speedy checkout and eliminates the frustration of waiting in multiple lines to receive an online order.


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