Embracing “Bring Your Own Device” with a Comprehensive Strategy

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Posted Mar 12, 2013 11:00:57 AM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

Computers are more mobile than at any point in history and with each passing day this trend is accelerating. Both young and old alike can bear witness to the effects that the miniaturization, increasing performance and cost reduction of computing technology has made on our lives. The recent explosion in smart phones and tablet computers is the most visible sign of this phenomenon. In all regards, these devices have more computing capabilities than much larger and expensive devices of just a couple years ago.

With the reduction in both size and cost, mobile computing technology is becoming an accessory to our everyday wardrobe just like a watch or debit card. As consumers rely on this technology to support their personal lives (social content exchange, location services, music and video, financial services, etc) it is important for employers to recognize that these devices will influence the behaviors and work preferences of its’ employees. Mobile computers equipped with wireless networks provide individuals with access to email, internet, games and social content. These same devices can access corporate resources as well and as such extend the information access and productivity of such equipped employees. As a result, for many employers and employees alike, work is no longer a location but an activity that can be interlaced throughout their day. Understanding the benefits of leveraging personal mobile computers as well as indentifying the security and operational challenges is paramount to creating an effective Mobile Computing Strategy relating to BYOD.

A few of the topics we will review in upcoming BLOG posts:

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  • So many devices so little time
  • Security Challenges
  • Personal Privacy
  • Supporting BYOD
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