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Posted Oct 11, 2010 2:28:32 PM by DecisionPoint Team & filed under

digital-imaging-retail1There are a variety of retail applications that can be improved with 2D bar codes and digital imaging solutions. Retailers who have the ability to capture the information from the PDF417 bar code on the back of a customer’s driver’s license can streamline a variety of processes and improve customer service. Here are a few sample applications:

Fraudulent Returns Prevention-by scanning the PDF417 on the back of a driver’s license, employees can instantly track the returns made by a customer. If a customer is making an excessive number of returns, they can keep an eye on these patterns and begin refusing or limiting the number of returns per year.

Loyalty Program Applications-many retailers now offer customers loyalty cards for in-store discounts, but customers filling out applications for these cards manually can cause an increase in checkout time. By scanning the PDF417 on a driver’s license, the customer information will automatically populate the application and database. Eliminate paper applications, reduce errors and save your customers valuable time.

Age Verification-businesses face big penalties if they sell age restricted items to a minor. Employees equipped with a digital image scanner can quickly validate a customer’s age by scanning the PDF417 on their driver’s license. Additional precautions can also be built into the POS system so that certain transactions can’t be completed without first scanning an ID.

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